How to vote (English)

Please vote for Yokoyama Yui, Team A! (横山由依)

*There is another member in Team 8 with the same spelling, Yokoyama Yui (横山結衣). Please do not mix them up!

*Voting is open until Friday, June 15 at 15:00 Japan Standard Time.

Mobile Activities Strategy

If you have a mobile phone capable of carrier payment from Softbank, au, or DoCoMo, one vote is ¥324!

This is cheaper than any other voting ticket!

If you register for each group’s Mobile Fanclub and Mobile Mail, you can vote 12 times at ¥324 each!

Mobile Fan Club

As a member of any group’s mobile fan club, you can vote for all members.

(Example: As an HKT48 Mobile member, you can vote for AKB48 Team A Yokoyama Yui)


NGT requires email address registration at the beginning.

Links to each Mobile Fan Club (opens in a new window)







Mobile Mail Service


If email from PCs cannot be received, registering on the carrier website is required.

Even if you register for multiple members in one Mobile Mail service, you can vote only once per service. (Note to translators: same as the line above)

Example: Receiving AKB48 Mail from Yokoyama Yui and 2 other members costs ¥972 but you can only vote once.

Nihonbashira Strategy

[Note to foreign fans: this requires a credit card that will be accepted on a Japanese website]

AKB Official Fanclub “Nihonbashira no Kai” Members

First year ¥1480

Subsequent years ¥630

Members have the privilege of one vote. One person can register multiple times.

Not only can you vote in Sousenkyo and Request Hour, but you can also apply to theater shows and various events.

AKB48 52th Single “Teacher Teacher” voting tickets included in CDs

Each CD comes with one voting ticket.

There is the effort of opening the CD and entering the serial number, but the theater edition allows you to participate in kobetsu handshake events, and the limited edition allows you to participate in national handshake events.

Vote for "Yuihan"YuiYokoyama



Theater Edition CDs

¥1028 (theater edition CD + kobetsu handshake ticket + voting ticket + theater edition photo)

Sales are conducted by lottery on Chara-Ani.

(Handshake sales for Yokoyama Yui have ended, but there will probably be resale rounds.)

Limited Edition and Regular Edition CDs

Purchase in CD shops or online stores.

Limited edition: ¥1646 (CD + DVD + voting ticket + national handshake ticket)

Regular edition: ¥1646 (CD + DVD + voting ticket + regular edition photo)

There are a limited number of extra bonus photos at certain shops.

[] LIVE!! ON DEMAND Monthly Unlimited Viewing Members (On Demand Members)

[Note for foreign fans: an internet proxy is required for this service]

The price for a vote is expensive, but you can view theater shows from each group for one month.

Monthly fee: ¥3066